Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pinging a Regular Html Website

When it comes to "pinging," many people get confused about whether they can ping a site like Pingomatic or Pingoat if they have a regular html (non blog) website.

With WordPress blogs and Blogger blogs - which come with a built in feed - it's easy to ping these sites. Pingomatic and Pingoat notify a variety of blogging services that you've made an update to your site. Each time you ping, the search engine spiders come zipping around to index any updates you've made.

Pinging is a great way to get your blog noticed by the search engines and bring in traffic, fast.

But if you have a regular html website without a blog, did you know that you can add a simple one page feed in just a few minutes and harness all the amazing benefits of blog and ping?

I teach you how in a special new package I've created called:

Feedify Your Site: How to Create a Simple, Homemade Feed for Your Static Html Website and Get Fast Indexing and Pinging Power.

Check it out at my site:

Add a Feed To Your Regular Html Website

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