Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wordpress Spinner Allows You to Update with Fresh Content

I'm not a big fan of article spinners, because usually they produce content that looks robot written instead of created by a human hand.

But my friend Gerry has been having some good results with a program called Wordpress Spinner which allows you to present fresh versions of content you've prewritten each time someone views your WordPress blog. So you write the content once, and the software spins it and dynamically presents a different version each time your blog loads. This keeps your blog looking fresh.

Gerry has something like 100 Wordpress niche blogs at last count and while he does update them with original content as fast as he can, the Wordpress Spinner allows him to keep the content fresh in the meantime because it presents a fresh version of the site to humans and search engine spiders.

You can also do some other cool things with Wordpress Spinner that are very tempting to me - like you can dynamically rotate any elements of the page like the header, footer, sidebar, ads, and even css stylesheets. This allows you to do true A/B split testing to test conversions of these elements on your blog. What if one header annoys people and prevents sales but another one entices people to buy? With Wordpress Spinner you can test these elements.

Gerry says he improved conversions by about three percent across the blogs where he is using Wordpress Spinner. Not too bad!

There is a similar piece of software called Php Spinner which lets you do the same things on your static html site, php site, or Joomla blog.

Testing is so important because just tweaking a sidebar or header can make a huge difference in your sales. And this software seems a really handy tool to do that for you, in addition to keeping your content looking fresh if you want to use the article spinning function.

I wrote a little more about WP Spinner at my main blog today:

WP Spinner and Php SPinner - Keep Your Content Looking Fresh

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