Thursday, March 13, 2008

Godaddy Problems - The Saga Continues

Controversy is raging around the Net this week as Wired magazine announced an upcoming article about Godaddy apparently pulling the plug on yet another site without notice or recourse to the domain owner.

I've blogged about this trend before and it is one of many serious Godaddy problems - they tend to be very JUMPY and pull some sites even if a merely frivolous complaint has been lodged against a domain. This isn't fair to domain owners who could simply be the victims of spammer or competitors trying to shut them down.

I've blogged about GoDaddy problems before, which include dropping emails (emails are nowhere to be found, either at the sender or receiver end) clunky control panel, lack of Wordpress support, and numerous other issues.

You can read more about this latest Godaddy problem here:

Godaddy Problems - the Saga Continues

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